Why should you join Donegal Bay Rowing Club?

Donegal Bay Rowing Club welcomes new members and there are several reasons why you should join our rowing club. If you have any queries about membership, please do not hesitate to contact us.

1. Rowing is high intensity and low impact

Although the legs play an important part in rowing the feet are constantly connected as you boost the body by bending and extending the knees. This is easier on the body than road running for example as there’s zero impact. It is possible to row at a leisurely pace but if you push yourself to a proper level of intensity you’ll really elevate your heart rate and you will get a much better workout.

2. You will get a complete body workout

Rowing is a fantastic complete body workout. By rowing you will be getting fit and also developing toned legs, a lean torso and amazing arms.

3. You are less likely to get injured

Because the impact is low in rowing the joints don’t have to cope with impact. In addition, every muscle’s movement is mirrored – the legs extend then bend, the torso leans back then forward, the arms pull then push. Very few sports are able to deliver the same blend and balance of exercise. The resulting balance in the body helps maintain alignment and ensures no muscle or muscle group dominates, as happens with so many other sports which can lead to imbalance, weakness and strain.

4. It will improve your stability

Boats can be a little bit wobbly depending on weather conditions. As a rower you will be keeping steady and engaging your core muscles to keep upright and maintain stability on the boat. As a result by stabilising the boat, your muscles strengthen, balance gets better and the overall efficiency of the body while rowing and undertaking other physical activities improves too.

5. You will get more flexible

As well as keeping the body balanced the range of motion when rowing is greater than in other sports and also those weight bearing exercises that mimic some of the individual actions of rowing. As you start rowing and improve, restrictions your body may have in these regards will generally lessen and so your flexibility advances. A more flexible body enjoys better posture, better balance and less injuries than an inflexible one.

6. You will meet lots of new people

Rowing is a very social activity and at Donegal Bay Rowing Club we organise a number of social events throughout the year. Rowing is a great way to meet new friends and to take part in team events. We also host annual regattas and the All Ireland Rowing Championships in 2016 and 2017.

7. Rowing on the Wild Atlantic Way

Joining Donegal Bay Rowing Club will give you the opportunity to row in Donegal Bay on the Wild Atlantic Way. County Donegal has 1134 km of the longest mainland coastline in Ireland and so the opportunities to row in some of the most scenic waters in Ireland are available to members of Donegal Bay Rowing Club.

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