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The Weighmaster’s Hut a new club and tourism asset for Donegal Town

The construction of the Donegal Town Bypass in the year 2000 uncovered over twenty ‘Court Tomb’ sites. Many dating between five and six thousand years old which is proof that a society existed in this region. There is also a record of  a wooden built fortress, in Donegal Town […]

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Collaborative Preparations Underway for All Ireland Rowing Championships 2017

August is going to be a very busy month for rowing in Donegal with the All Ireland Coastal Rowing Championships returning for a second time to the Lakeside Centre in Ballyshannon on 18th – 20th August 2017.  Donegal Bay Maritime Festival is also taking place in Donegal Town the same weekend. […]

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Cool Ideas for Things To Do on All Ireland Rowing Championships Weekend 2017

County Donegal has been made 1st place on the National Geographic Traveller Cool List 2017 and has been awarded the title ‘Coolest Place on the Planet’. If you are planning to come to Donegal for the All Ireland Coastal Rowing Championships 2017 then you will get to experience the […]

Traditional Currach launched in Donegal Bay

On a glorious Friday evening in Donegal Town two local men launched a traditional canvas Donegal Currach in the beautiful calm waters of Donegal Bay.  The launch brought to an end many weeks of work by the two men who had built the traditional Currach while attending a VEC […]

The Drontheim…Ireland’s Norway Yawl

Every child knows the story of the Viking hordes which invaded and colonized large areas of Ireland in the 8th century in their great dragon-headed boats. Apart from creating Dublin and giving us the word ‘fjord’ the Vikings also introduced their unique boatbuilding system called ‘clinker’, a system of […]

Donegal Rower makes ‘comeback’ at Henley Regatta

The Henley Regatta is regarded as one of the most prestigious sporting water based events, with rowing teams competing from all corners of the world. So you can imagine the uproar it caused in 1974 when a young UCD eights captured the coveted ‘Ladies Plate’, which surely must have […]

Donegal Welcomes the First Dragon Boat

On Sunday afternoon ahead of schedule the first Dragon boat was delivered to Monaghan’s sheds by O Donnell Transport.  It was somehow fitting that the man that delivered the boat was an infamous past rower with the club and a very skilled oarsman in his time.  It was also […]

Donegal Bay Rowing Club AGM held in Abbey Hotel

Donegal Bay Rowing Club held their annual General Meeting in the Abbey Hotel on the 18th February at 8.30pm.  The meeting was well attended with a notable increase in the youth membership participating.  The outgoing Chairperson Seamus Maguire spoke about the great achievements throughout the year especially the Regatta in […]

DBRC attend All Ireland Rowing Championships 2014 in Kerry

Although an almost seven hour drive to get there, the All Ireland Championships in Waterville were to be the highlight of a busy season for Donegal Bay Rowing Club. The regatta ran for three days with 530 crews , 2700 individuals and 71 separate race categories. Donegal had 2 […]

Donegal Bay Rowing Club Clean Up the Pier!

At the Pier in Donegal Town members of Donegal Bay Rowing Club gathered to do a spring clean of the area, concentrated on the pier and the shoreline adjacent to the old abbey.

The clean-up was the idea of the Donegal Coastal Rowing Association with all affiliated clubs also gathering […]